Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stirrings of Fall

It is still in the 90's here in Central Florida, but the stirrings of Fall have begun.

Today, the sun is shadowed by dark, rain clouds. Many around me are complaining. I celebrate!

The season of the witch is drawing near!

Fall brings to me the signs of abundance, along with the caution that abundance must be appreciated. Stewardship is important in the Fall. Historically, root cellars were filled & abundance was preserved in the Fall to sustain the community through the Winter.

It is tempting, in today's big-box grocery world to forget Fall's chores. We can bop down to the store & grab fruit & veggies from Equador, Mexico, wherever.

There its great benefit to returning to the old ways. By preserving today's fresh harvest, we preserve the vital nutrients in these live foods. Did you know that once a crop is picked it immediately begins to degrade, losing nutrients?

Before I began practicing witchcraft I never thought about seasons (in Florida we don't really have real seasons like the rest of the U.S.). I never really thought about eating seasonally or preserving abundance.

Fall has now become a time of preparation.


As I bring apples, acorns, berries, squash onto my altar for blessing, I am reminded of my connection to the earth. As I preserve (usually in the freezer out of sheer laziness & busyness) I am reminded of the work required by or ancestors to simply survive.

These actions prepare me for honoring activities in upcoming sabbats.

Oh, & it is almost time for bonfires! Woohoo!

Happy Mabon my fellow witchy friends! Fall is coming!!!

Wild & Bright Blessings,

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