Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moving to Facebook for now

Well, magical friends, I'm officially overwhelmed with
  • School
  • Work
  • Starting an herbal business
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Home
  • Drumming
  • Dogs
  • Cooking
  • Blogging
So, for the time being, I'm moving HiddenWitch to Facebook.

This way, I can quickly post fabulousness without the depth required of a blog. I'm leaving HiddenWitch up & will continue to post occasionally in this format, when I'm feeling long-winded, but for now, you can follow me by "Liking" HiddenWitch on Facebook.

Or, by "friend-ing" Rhi HiddenWitch on Facebook.

Wild & Bright Blessings,


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Florida Water

Ok, I'll admit it - I despise Florida Water.
It reminds me of a brothel.

Unfortunately, last year I caved into witch-peer-pressure (really, what was I thinking??) & bought a bottle.  I have never used a drop.  It just disgusts me & takes me totally out of my nature-witch mindset.

Being a conservation-minded gal, I still couldn't stand to throw it away...but no one wanted it.  What's a witch to do?
Today , being October 1st, my Fall Cleaning Fever hit hard & I knew it was time to discard the whore-house perfume that has aggravated me for a year.  So I made a decision & sprinkled the stuff around our property as protection & cleansing water (I hope the plants don't mind!!! Oh MY GODDESS, I didn't think about offending them!!!).

Only one problem:

I ended up sprinkling my feet & now I smell like...
well, you get the point...

Headed to the shower now.

Wild & Bright Blessings,