Frugal Witch Series

When you hear the word Frugal, what images or thoughts come to mind?

"Cheap." "Poor." "Sacrifice." were my first impression, but really, being frugal can mean living better!

Websters defines frugal as: characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources.

Making sound decisions about where household dollars go is empowering.  It gives us the freedom to live abundantly within our resources - a vital skill in our tough economic times.

Sometimes, being a healer & a witch gets expensive.  We purchase incense, herbs, tools, candles, garments, stones, books, flower essences, pay for classes...the list goes on & on.

We make difficult choices, often sacrificing our magickal practice for more mundane & life-sustaining necessities.

No need!  Frugal Witches thrive on creativity, not sacrifice!

So, lets get creative.

Frugal Witch Series: Make Your Own Flower Essences
Frugal Witch Series: Crystals & Stones

Wild & Bright Blessings!