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Frugal Witchcraft - Make Your Own Flower Essences

When you hear the word Frugal, what images or thoughts come to mind?

"Cheap." "Poor." "Sacrifice." were my first impression, but really, being frugal can mean living better!

Websters defines frugal as: characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources.

Making sound decisions about where household dollars go is empowering.  It gives us the freedom to live abundantly within our resources - a vital skill in our tough economic times.

Sometimes, being a healer & a witch gets expensive.  We purchase incense, herbs, tools, candles, garments, stones, books, flower essences, pay for classes...the list goes on & on.

We make difficult choices, often sacrificing our magickal practice for more mundane & life-sustaining necessities.

No need!  Frugal Witches thrive on creativity & connection, not sacrifice!

So, lets get creative:

Frugal Witch Series: Make Your Own Flower Essences

Flower Essences were developed by Dr. Bach during the Great Depression.  The are energetic healing, remedies for the soul & beautifully fit into a natural witch's toolbox.

“They cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which disease melts as snow in the sunshine.” 
Edward Bach, Ye Suffer from Yourselves, 1931

Dr. Bach worked with 38 essences, each directed towards the restoration of emotional harmony.

He identified 7 basic categories of emotional response to work with:
  • Fear
  • Insufficient interest in the present moment
  • Loneliness
  • Uncertainty
  • Despondency/Despair
  • Oversensitive to influences or ideas
  • Over care for the welfare of others
His work was done in England, & towards the end of his life, leading many towards the theory that these 38 are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Using Dr. Bach's ideas about plant vibrations & energies, we can create flower essences with the natives in our areas.  The Flower Essence Society FES has created a great book listing plants common to North America.  If you get seriously into making essences, it would be a worthwhile purchase as a resource for what plants to use in what situations.  But, tuning into the vibrations & energies of nature using your intuition usually proves accurate.  Here is the template for making flower essences:
  1. Spend time in nature connecting with plant spirits (this is a base practice before you would be ready to make your own essences)
  2. Notice what flowers attract your attention & find an area that has these qualities to work with:
    • At least 50ft from major roadways
    • Organic conditions (no pesticides or fertilizers)
    • Lots of your particular flower
    • Legal for you to be there & collect flowers (often the hardest!)
  3.  Bring a small crystal or glass bowl, some consecrated scissors & clean water (spring is nice, avoid tap water unless you know it isn't filled with chemicals)
  4. Spend time connecting with the plants - share your intent & gain permission from the plant spirits
  5. Fill the bowl with water & snip the flowers, allowing them to fall on the water's surface, (try not to touch the water or the flowers) covering the entire surface with flowers
  6. Leave the bowl in the sun for 3-6 hours - preferably near the plants if possible
  7. Check in often, in your meditative state, asking the plant spirits to speak to your intuition about the readiness of the essence
  8. Strain the essence into a glass measuring cup
  9. Add an equal amount of brandy to preserve the essence - This is the Mother Essence
  10. From this solution, create your Stock solution - 2 drops Mother Essence to 1 ounce brandy
  11. From this solution, create your Dosage bottle - 2 drops to 1 ounce clean water (can add 1 tsp brandy as additional preservative)
As you can see, it takes very little of the Mother Essence to create your dosage, so start with a very small bowl or you'll have so much essence you won't know what to do with it (and the brandy is a bit costly)!
I start with a little over 1/3 cup of spring water, knowing that some will evaporate in the hot Florida sunshine. 

Remember, we are working with vibrational energetics here, not chemical or pharmacological.  The dosage essence, if tested, would only show water & brandy as chemical constituents.  
Your flower essence remedies are a direct spiritual connection with nature.  This is why I think making your own, using your own intuition is the best way to go with flower essences...besides...think of the $$ you'll save!

You can mix up to 7 essences in a dosage bottle.  The dosing is:

4 drops every 5 minutes for acute crisis
4 drops 4 times daily for chronic issues

Bigger dosages aren't better.  It is frequency that matters.  Try the following ways to get your doses:
  • Add to drinks
  • Direct injestion
  • Apply to pulse points
  • Add to creams or lotions
  • Add to bath water (about 20 drops)
  • Spray (face, room, etc.) - this is especially great for animals & for restoring peace in a space
  • Add to magickal creations!!
One formula I always purchase is the FES Five Flower formula.  It is relatively inexpensive & terrific for emergent situations.  I use it frequently to help deal with those quick crisis moments like injuries, squabbles, & to calm my dog during storms.

Have fun making your own flower essences!


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