Sunday, April 24, 2011

Assumptions - a little rant...

Today is one of those days I try to stay inside & isolate myself from the public.  No TV, no radio, no shopping. 

Today is a holiday for the religious majority.  A day when everyone assumes that I, too, am celebrating their holiday.  I woke up to a text message & a card from 2 friends...Happy Easter! (& some admonishes to remain close to their god & follow his way).  Later today, the evangelists will knock on my door, inviting me to read their literature (I will try not to boil them in my cauldron).

There is an assumption, that because I am middle-class, white, American, that I'm also a Christian - that I believe the way others believe. 

I do not.  I am a witch. I believe in a universal spirit that connects us all.  Somehow, I just don't feel connected when others are pushing their religious beliefs onto me.

It's not that I begrudge Christians their holiday.  In fact, I will be calling my nephews later today to wish them a Happy Easter.  I'm all good with people celebrating their beliefs.

Next weekend is Beltane.  My favorite holiday.  I'll be working all weekend.  There is no saying, "this is a holy day for me where I celebrate sexual energy & renewal, I need to spend the night & early morning making love in the woods, blessing the Earth."  Nor, will I send emails to all my Christian & Hindu & Islamic & Atheistic/Agnostic friends saying "Happy Beltane! May your lives be filled with the passion of the Sun".

Today I will hide inside.  Next weekend, I will quietly celebrate the coronation of the sun. 

I will continue to practice religious openness & tolerance as best I can.  I will ask questions of those who celebrate power & connection to god/goddess/universe/etc. in ways different than I do.  I will look deep into the eyes of a woman dressed in full burka to find her spirit, her humanity.  I will meditate with a follower of Krishna.  I will listen patiently as an atheist explains the vast emptiness of death without renewal of life.  This is what my religious beliefs demand of me.  Love.

We are one of the groups in the religious minority. Our lives move in a different rhythm.  We have no need to bring others into the fold.  We quietly find each other.  Celebrate & support each other.  Study together.  Attempt to understand the world together, in love.

Now, excuse me while I go put away all my witchy paraphernalia so my lovely, Christian dog-sitter doesn't shun me forever when she comes over to wish me Happy Easter.

These are the days I wish I could announce to the world, "I AM A WITCH!"  But, in love, I will stay the Hidden Witch.

Wild & Bright (albeit hidden & quiet) Blessings,



  1. I looked all over this blog for an email address but alas there is none. So, I will say that this is a very very very good post. Living in a very small town in the dead center of the Bible Belt I feel your irritation (so to speak)

    Blessed Be to you my online mentor


  2. Blessed Be, my friend! I'm glad this resonated with someone. I hesitated to post it, because I try to stay positive, but it felt like it just needed to be said.