Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kitchen Witch

Every Fall I turn into a Kitchen Witch.  There's something about the change of seasons that brings me to the hearth.

This is also the time I bring the last blooms of the season to my kitchen altar.  Very little about my altar screams witch, but it is my place of celebrating & honoring the bounty in my life.

My kitchen altar sits on a shelf hovering over my medicine-making table.  During medicine-making times I remove the mortar & pestle & place a Moon Goddess as the center piece, add incense & a lit candle.  In the plate she holds, I can place a bit of medicinal herb as a representation of what is to be blessed. 
In her place of honor, she transforms a simple shelf into a full-blown witch's celebration!

Goddess presides over & blesses the medicine for my family, my friends & Mountain Gypsy Herbs stock.  When not in her place of glory at the center of the altar, she sits in the medicine cabinet watching over a variety of herbs & remedies. 

As a hidden witch, I need to get pretty creative in how I honor deity, I really haven't had many statues up until now.  But...she called my name, so I brought her home. 

Recently, I stumbled upon Confession of a Kitchen Witch's Kitchen Altar e-course.  If you're new to creating a kitchen altar, it is a lovely start.

Wild & Bright Blessings,


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