Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bath of Visions

Well, I'm all done with Family Herbalism & am on to Community Herbalism.  Whew!  Time for a bath.

One of my favorite baths is a Bath of Vision.  I've used this multiple times & it has been quite consistent in bringing on a vision in coordination with meditation.  The first time FREAKED ME OUT it was so powerful. I would be very careful to cleanse & shield your area prior to doing this & then soak, relax, get into your meditative state & delve into the world of dreams.

Bath of Vision

Add 20 drops of Clary Sage & 1 ounce of dried Mugwort leaves (in a muslin bag) to a warm bath.  Pour yourself a small glass of your favorite wine*.  Light a stick of your favorite incense.  Put on some peaceful music that keeps a steady tempo (I like Reiki music or shamanic drumming for this purpose).

Sink into the bath & use whatever method brings you to your meditative state (I love Christopher Penczak's Inner Temple Meditation) & let the visions come to you.

It is best to ground & center after any vision work, but I've found it very important after a vision bath! 

*Most resources suggest that "clary sage enhances the effects of alcohol, so it is not wise to imbibe during use.  I'll leave this up to you, but remember The information presented on Hidden Witch is for entertainment & education purposes only & is not a substitute for good judgment or medical advice. 

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