Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kitchen Altar & Prayer Bowl

When people know you're a witch, they tend to ask you to send "good energy" or "light" their way.  It's not unlike requests for prayer very common in the Christian community.

We will often light a candle for someone, send positive intentions & a particular color light depending on their needs.  A few months back I decided to make a Prayer Bowl.  I remembered a glass bowl that I had done some decoupage on many years ago & could never figure out it's use, only that I liked it.

So, the Kitchen Altar was born.

On the altar are some of my favorite creatures, a faery, bat, dragon & a tiny goose representing a donation to Heifer Project made in my name one birthday.  There is also a small 1/2 gourd as a bowl for offerings to my home spirit & 2 candles. 

I have a HUGE collection of wine corks, that I keep meaning to craft with, but never do.  These became intention/prayer representations. 
On one side, I write the person's name, the other side is for the intention.  Above are today's. 

This small act helps me focus energy for these prayers, send them out to the Universe, & then release the outcome so I don't worry.

I used to feel overwhelmed by all the requests for "light & energy" & didn't know how to respond when a Christian friend asked me to pray for them.  Now, I have feel like I can accept any request & determine how best to send off the prayer/light/energy & not be drained by the process.

The bowl is a constant reminder of how many wonderful people are in my life & of how each one of us is faced with challenges.

What do  you do to send out positive vibes for your people while maintaining your strength??

Wild & Bright Blessings!



  1. I love your idea with the corks and the prayer bowl, I now might set up something similar, at the moment I light a candle.

    I have also passed 3 blog awards on to you, if you would like them visit this page to pick them up xx