Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make a Witch Bottle for Samhain

Samhain is a common time for the making of witch's bottles to protect the home from being entered by malevolent spirits on All Hallow's Eve.  Witch bottles have a long history.  There have been witch bottles found dating to the 1600's in England that are still intact!

Historically, witch bottles contained items such as rusty nails, urine, thorns, hair, menstrual blood, shards of glass, wood and/or bone.  Some bottles even contained fingernail clippings, hair or urine from the person believed to have hexed the person making the bottle.

The purpose of a witch's bottle is not only to protect from magical attack, but to send the negative energy back to the originator.

To make a witch's bottle, you need a ceramic or glass jar or bottle with a tight-fitting lid.  If your bottle opens, the magick is said to be gone.

Fill the container with items like:
  • Rusty nails
  • Spanish moss
  • Tacks, broken glass, other sharp materials
  • Pieces of broken mirror
  • Something personal of, nails, saliva, etc.*
  • Protective herbs
  • anything that strikes you as protective

Light a black candle & charge each item according to the intent as you place it into the container. You may also program your bottle to recharge from the energy it absorbs, be it sunlight, moonlight or the negative energy sent its way. My bottle is charged in the name of Hecate as she is goddess of the waning moon & one of the patronesses of Samhain, which will add much to the banishing aspect of the bottle.  Now, use your black candle to drip wax over the sealed lid (this is why I used a bottle, not a jar, this isn't the easiest step!).

Burying or hiding your bottle is an important aspect of the spell.  If you choose to bury, pick a spot that isn't likely to get disturbed by gardening or other digging - a broken witch bottle is a broken spell.  I'll be burying mine under the hedgerow in a few moments.

Here's the incantation I'll be using:

Precious bottle I charge you now,
Negativity & evil do not allow.
Guard this house, me & my dear
Whether or not we are here.
Safe & secure we shall be
As you absorb the energy.
Within the earth you shall remain
Your power grows with any bane.

For highest good I do pronounce
This witch's bottle guards my house!

*Be very careful with vinegar & urine in your bottle...sometimes bottles with these elements can explode!

Happy Samhain!


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