Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unintended Consequences

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, An it harm none do what ye goes this witch's ethical code. 

How, do we know whether our magic(k)al workings will harm none?  Even with the best intentions, by manipulating energy, we are causing changes. Changes have consequences - some we intend, others we may not.

Take, for example, a recent binding/banishing I performed.  Now, don't freak out on wasn't some evil magic spell performed to hurt an enemy.  This spell was performed with love.  Love for those I desired to protect, love for myself, and even a focused love for those being bound/banished.

I specifically designed a spell with wording to bind 2 women from harming me and someone I love, either by their actions or their words.  The spell was prompted by some very aggressive & intrusive behavior on their part.  As I performed the spell, I focused my thoughts upon good will towards the women, thinking of their good qualities & what may have prompted their words/actions, rather than my feelings about it.  I spent a full day on this spell after 2 days of designing it - I was and am very, very serious about this working.

So far so good.  I've heard nothing from the women, which is unusual.  I put the spell out of my mind the moment it was complete and began working on protection magic(k).  I could have simply done protection workings alone, but this was serious enough to prompt direct action. 

That was 12 days ago. 

Today, I received a call from my friend, the 1st woman's wife.  Their lives have been engulfed in family drama for 10 days solid.  Neither woman has been on the receiving end of any harm or misfortune, but they are fully wrapped up in the dramas of those around them.  Of course, being involved in these dramatic events is a great distraction from the temptation to meddle in my life. The 2 women have evidently forgotten me.

Am I upset about this?  Actually, no.  I was very serious about keeping this woman & her friend from hurting me or my loved one.  They posed a great threat.  I am happy one is too busy to think of me.  I am happy she is too busy to get together with her other friend & plot. 

But...there is a bit of guilt.

Did my workings cause the events? - No.  Not possible.  These events had begun long before I performed my spell.  But, did my working cause my friend & her meddling wife to become entrenched in the dramas?  Possibly.  They are not overly dramatic women, and would normally stand on the periphery.

Will I undo the binding/banishing?  Uhm.....NO!!! I stand firm that my magic(k) was done with the intent of protection & in reaction to an open, malicious attack.  I reserve the right to be a witch 100% of the time, not only when someone wants to be helped or healed.  One who has the power to heal also has the power to curse.  No black & white for me, it's all gray.  Sometimes our workings have unintended consequences.

So, once again, I am thinking of how my behavior, words, thoughts, energy effects others.  One of the wonderful things about being a witch is that we think of these things.  Everyone's actions effect the lives of others; witches are simply more conscious of the possibility to harm & receive the energy back.  With that consciousness comes more deliberate action.  Even when we think it out carefully & guard our intents, sometimes things go in ways we didn't expect.

Such is life.  Such is the dilemma of a witch.  Always, though, I set out To Harm None; even when I'm pissed, I understand the rules & believe them.  But, know...this witch will protect herself and those she loves.
Enough safely my witchy friends!

Wild & Bright Blessings,


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