Sunday, February 20, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Very, very busy around here!  Basically, I've gone back to work full-time as a nurse, so I'm spending a lot of time in the hospital lately.

That brings me to the topic of Shielding.  Luckily (or magickally), just as I was ready to head back to work after a 6-month sabbatical, my witchcraft class moved onto the subject of shielding.

If you're unfamiliar with shielding, I highly suggest you get familiar!  Shielding is one of my necessary tools as a witch.  Being a strong empath, I tend to pick up a lot of energetic crap in my day-to-day travels, especially at work.

Because this is a complex subject, I recommend Christopher Penczak's

The Witch's Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self-Defense

It's a quick read, full of wonderful exercises & even a meditation CD.  If you can't afford to buy it, why not see if your local library has a copy?  Here are a few of my favorite shields so far:

Translucent Light - a great, all-purpose shield for filtering harmful energies while allowing in helpful energies

Translucent Crystal - same as above, but with a solid, crystalline outer edge - a bit stronger

Rose Bush - pick the color associated with energies you are welcoming & shield out all others with the thorns

Grey Mist - perfect for becoming un-noticeable & very neutralizing in gossipy situations

Well, that's it for now...busy, busy...

Later this week, I'll post about the Sacred Belly as the core of a female witch's power.

Wild & Bright Blessings!




  1. Ooh, I like the rose bush one. I'll have to try that one out (I work at a school where politics are always in play, so it can come in handy.) :)

    Have you tried any out yourself?

  2. These are the shields I'm currently using. The rose bush is wonderfully effective for me. I use red roses for when my husband comes home from a stressful day. They let in love & passion, keeping out the chaotic energy he has to release.

  3. Ill have to look for that book.