Thursday, February 3, 2011

Honoring Your Body

Do you honor your physical form?  Accept & appreciate every cell (even the fat cells)?  Are you fully integrated mind, body & spirit?  Or, as many of you, do you look in the mirror & see the ravages of time, the "mistakes" you've made, the injuries inflicted upon your body by others?

This month, with the coming of Spring, is a good time to wrap up our focusing inward activities & prepare our bodies for the activities of the coming months.  Here is a ritual for honoring, healing, appreciating & reintegrating with your physical body.

Honoring Your Body

There are 2 options for this, one with oils & another in the bath.

Option One - Bath Ingredients:
Herbal sachet or a few drops of essential oils to assist in relaxation & cleansing (I particularly like Cunningham's Ritual Bath Sachet found in The Complete Book of Incense Oils & Brews)
A natural & soothing soap, unscented (almond soap, oatmeal soap is nice & can be easily found at most healthfood stores for less than the cost of many commercial soaps)
A fresh washcloth & towel
Your ritual altar candles

Option Two - Oil Ingredients: 
Almond or other mild carrier oil
A few drops of Essential oil to assist in relaxation & cleansing (rose oil is beautiful here, because it is very healing to the soul, but other, less expensive oils, like lavender are also wonderful)
A ceramic container to hold the oils (heat them gently over a candle if you can, see pic below)
A quiet & private space
A cloth that you don't mind getting oily (I actually have a set of sheets & towels set aside for these types of rituals, they have only ever been used in ritual)

The Ritual
Create your sacred space in whatever manner suits you best.  Feel free to bring objects of power & healing with you into the bathroom or other private space where you will be working.  Make sure you are alone, comfortable & will not be disturbed by others, pets, phones, etc.

Draw your bath or prepare your oil, add the herbs or oils.  Spend a few moments settling in, breathe deeply & become as meditative as you can. 

Now, starting with your feet, observe & massage them, with either soap in the bath or your prepared oil.  Think about all that your feet do for you, everywhere they've taken you, the hurts & abuse your feet have been subjected to.  With each stroke, thank your feet for serving you, praise them for their attributes.  Notice scars or calluses.  Apologize if the desire arises.  Bless and thank your feet, they carry you on your path. Offer your unconditional love.
Move to your calves.  See their shape.  Massage the muscles, remembering all these muscles have done throughout your life.  Thank, bless & apologize as needed to these strong, muscular extensions of you.

Systematically, move to your thighs, your pelvis, your abdomen, your chest, your arms, every part of your physical body.  Let your intuition guide you as to how to massage each part.  Spend time meditating on the trials each part of your body has been subjected to, how each part has served your needs, how appreciative you are to have every part.  Pay close attention to areas you have spoken of harshly "my big, fat, a**", "I have my nose."  These areas require and deserve your love & appreciation.  What about areas of chronic pain?  Do you abuse or neglect these areas?  Ask them to carry heavy burdens, either physical or psychological? 

Your pelvic & abdomen area may need significant love.  These areas are often neglected & maligned, especially by women.  Is there an old hurt stored here? 

Each part of you is sacred.  Believe that.  No matter what has happened, by choice or not.  Your body is the physical vehicle through which you express all love and magic, all creativity.  Your body is the physical manifestation of divinity. 

Honor your own divinity, in every possible way.  Promise to take care or your physical body in gratitude for its support of all you do. 

Merge your mind & spirit fully into your physical being.  Feel golden light of love filling each and every cell, weaving together each part of you into a divine whole.  Notice the golden light radiating from your physical self as an aura of divine power and love.

Bask in the love you feel for yourself as long as you need.

You are beautiful!

Wild & Bright Blessings,



  1. Perfect! Just perfect! I love it! Another BOS post.

  2. What a beautiful ritual!! I am definitely going to have to use this one.