Monday, January 31, 2011

Imbolc - New Beginnings

This Imbolc lands on a New Moon, making it the perfect time for a New Beginnings spell.

Here's a rather complicated spell from my B.O.S.  Don't freak out, but this spell has 4 separate parts, New Moon creation, Full Moon release, Making & Wearing a talisman, & finally, a celebration.  The focus & intent you put into each of these parts makes this a very powerful working.  It uses Ice Magick, which is especially powerful in the Spring.

Use this spell when you are looking to start something drastically different (like a career change or new phase of your life, building new health habits, etc.)

New Life Beginnings
Part 1 - Creation
Get your purpose & intent clear (mine last time was Intuition & Clarity to know my life's work)

Correspondences & Ingredients:

Red (Fire) for courage & power - I used a few drops of red food coloring for this one, but you could also use red paper, I just didn't have any at the time.
Water for Wisdom - I used storm water that I had collected & charged, but any charged water will work. (about 1/2 cup)
Air for Insight & Change - for this spell,the elements of water & air are combined into Ice Magick
Stone to represent Earth - I used a raw garnet, Persephone's stone, to rid of the stale & no longer needed aspects & allow for renewal & regenerative creativity. Also, to re-unite with positive ancestral forces.  
New Moon - moving forward in life
Oil to match purpose/intent - I used Jasmine oil for my intent, as it is great in spells about love, money & heightened intuition
Herb to match purpose/intent - I used Poppy seeds to represent & call creative fertility
Paper to write your intent upon (small, like 2-3 inches square)
Container that can be placed in the freezer
Candles & incense to support your working (optional)


Get your intent clear in your head & reduce it to a few words.  Collect the necessary items that support your intent.  Create your sacred space in whichever way feels best for you.  Cleanse all tools & ingredients.  Raise energy in whatever way feels best for you - I usually meditate upon the intent & drop into my Inner Temple.  

Once you feel ready, write the few words that clearly state your intent onto the paper.  Focus all your hopes & dreams about this new beginning onto the paper.  Really, really see yourself accomplishing this dream.  

Place the paper into the container.  Add the herbs & other ingredients to the container, then slowly pour the water in.  Use your power hand to stir the water around, infusing your intent into the mixture.  

As you're doing so, here are the words this little control-freak-witch used to bless the concoction (use anything that works for you, but I find the repetition of this chant through so many voices has some serious power to it):

Gods & Goddesses
Grant me the serenity to
Accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change
The things I can, and
The wisdom to know the difference.

Now, state your intent: 
I intend & desire ________________ for the highest good of all.

Now comes the hard part:

Put your little container into the freezer & forget it!  Leave it totally alone until the Full Moon.  Let the magick of Ice work.  Ice magick is very powerful for transformation. Mark on your calender or set some kind of reminder for yourself to re-visit this spell at the next Full Moon (if you miss it, that's ok, just do it as close to the Full Moon as you can).
Part 2 - Release the Magick:
Upon the Full Moon, remove your container from the freezer & place it in the moonlight to be charged by our Lady with this chant:

Wake the change in me dear Lady
Melt rigid ice with your soft light
that change be gentle but swiftly won,
For highest good and only right
This witch's spell is almost done
It grows in power this blessed night.

If you can, stay with the ice, meditating on your change, until it melts.
Keep the container out until the water evaporates (leaving it's essence in the paper, herbs, etc.).  This took about a week for me.

Part 3 - Absorb the Magick through your Talisman:
Once the water has evaporated, it's time to create a talisman.  Collect your container & these ingredients, create your sacred space & let's work!

Small cloth (2 inch x 2 inch is a nice size)
Red String
Vervain (general, all purpose witch's power herb)
Oil of your choice (I used a Moon Oil I've created for all New & Full Moon workings, it's jasmine, lemon & sandalwood in an almond oil base).
Red Candle
Small bowl of salted water

Cleanse everything except your container with the dried paper, stones, herbs... 

Use the cloth to wrap up everything in the container, add the vervain & tie the packet up with the red string.

Raise energy.  Seriously, here, people...this is the time to RAISE ENERGY!  Do so in whatever way you do it BEST.

Sprinkle the bag with a bit of the salted water, chanting

Powers of Earth & Water
Assist me in my work
Now pass the bag into the incense
Power of Air
Assist me in my work 
 & over the candle
Power of Fire
Assist me in my work
Bring in your favorite gods and/or goddesses too!
Finally, anoint your hands with the oil & hold the bag between your palms.  Infuse all your desires & intents regarding this working through your hands & into the bag.

Wear or carry this talisman at all times (well, not in the shower) until the next New Moon.  Feel free to add more oil as needed, the scent is important to bring the memory of your intent.

Part 4 - Celebration!:
This is best done outside.  

With talisman in hand, gather:

inspirational items that represent your change 
items that represent the Elements
matches and/or a charcoal brickette (the incense kind, not the bbq kind!)
A bit of the herbs you initially used
Cauldron or other fire-proof container

I also used a small Zen garden & a finger labyrinth to represent respectively perpetual new beginnings & varied paths.  These items spoke to me in my celebration.  

Basically, you want to create a happy & sacred celebration of your new endeavor.  You are celebrating as if it has already happened, because...As Above, So Below.  In reality, once you fully intend a change, it HAS happened in the spiritual world.

Create your sacred space, light your candles, meditate on the joy that has come from your change.  You are totally focused & intent on the fact that this change IS HAPPENING IN THE PRESENT, not the future.  Know this.  Feel it.

When you feel the excitement, place the brickette & herbs into the cauldron & light.  Now, open your talisman bag.  Remove any non-flamable items to offer to the spirits & burn the rest, releasing the last bit of magick into the Universe.

Once everything has burned, throw the ashes to the wind (even if you have to blow them or use a fan).  Watch as your intentions sail off, knowing this change has occurred on a Universal level.

Be sure to give offerings to the deities who helped you or the fae in thanks for their assistance.
Spend as much time as you like basking in the glow of your success, it has happened.  

Oh, don't forget to do the mundane work too, remember...goddess helps those who help themselves.
Finally, journal about your intentions & your magick.  You will amaze yourself as you revisit your journal entries years later...magick works!

Wild & Bright Blessings & Happy Imbolc!!



  1. Would you mind if I ran a copy of this to place in my BOS?

  2. Of course you may put this in your BOS! I'm honored.