Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mighty Oak

Today was a beautiful in Central Florida, so I headed to one of my favorite spots, Gemini Springs.
The Sun was shining & I quickly settled in to spend some time with my new friends, the oak trees:

 My favorite tree:

When we 1st met, I went to sit in the center of this oak.  Because of my arrogance, I was thinking about what I could gain from being close & inside this magnificent being.  I immediately felt like I was intruding.  Upon looking around, I saw hundreds of footsteps & even some carving in the bark.  Now, I visit the tree & offer it healing energy & honor while picking up trash that others leave.  We are becoming fast friends & I always feel welcomed by this beautiful tree.  I make sure to be completely calm & centered before I approach this very sensitive & abused being. 

Here are some quick impressions from visiting these Mighty Oaks:

Prolific Reproducer
Heavy & Hearty Bark
Water Loving
Hefty,Not Showy

The oak is home to resurrection fern, Spanish moss & bromiliad plants.  He offers food to animals in the form of nuts. 

I like to meet & get to know a plant prior to looking it up, so when I got home I pulled out Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, here is a bit of what is listed:

Oak is masculine, associated with the Sun & Fire.  He is associated with the deities Dagda, Dianus, Jupiter, Thor, Zeus, Heme, Janus, Rhea, Cybele, Hecate, Pan & Erato.

Oak's Powers are Protection, Health, Money, Healing, Potency, Fertility & Luck.

Some say the words oak & Druid are related.  Religious idols were fashioned from oak & witches often danced beneath the branches.

A few magical uses for Oak:

Oak is used magically for protection.  One form is to make an equal-armed cross with 2 oak twigs & red thread, hang it in your home.

Place acorns in windows to guard against lightening.  

A piece of oak carried is said to protect a person from all harm.  

Catch a falling oak leaf & you're protected from colds all winter.  Or carry an acorn for good health, youthfulness, fertility & strengthening sexual potency.

Carry any piece of oak to draw good luck.

Speaking of good luck, here is the path I found on my way home:

Wild & Bright Blessings!


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