Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alongside the Fire

Below is the beginning of the rite I used as my self-initiation.  I just stumbled upon it as I was cleaning up some computer files & thought I'd share:

Solitary Initiation Rite

I sit along side the fire tonight, waiting for the moon.  She is dark, absent, calling me to join her.

What do I look like as a witch?  This is a time for pondering, for creation.  What is conceived tonight will grow with Her power as She grows in the sky.

Descriptors come to mind:

Safe for wild creatures; not so safe for domesticated humans.

Shimmering, glowing with Light, bold.

On the edge of out-of-control, but always within command.

Power surging within & through.









Is this the witch I am to be? 

The music plays.  The flames dance.  My mind wanders. 

Soon it will be time.  Time for intentions.  Time for drawing power.  Time for testing of limits.  Moon oil awaits.  Light dims.  Night falls.  Anticipation builds.

It is the Dark of the Moon. 
Goddess as you rest, soon to awaken.
Awaken the Witch in Me beautiful Lady.
Show me our power that I may serve.
With Fire's bright magic
Fed by Air's winds of change
Tempered with Water's deep wisdom
And Earth's constant strength
Awaken me to your Wisdom & grace.
Awaken the Witch in Me
That I may serve
As I will it, so will it be!

What followed was chanting of the last 3 lines as I drew power from the moon.  It was an amazing ritual (oh, and the 1st time I ever lit my own bonfire!)

 Wild & Bright Blessings,


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