Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Simple Prosperity Spell

Lately, I've been thinking about prosperity.  Honestly, we have enough money to live nicely, & are better off than many, so I tend to feel guilty about prosperity spells.

But, there is no reason to limit ourselves with social guilt.  We should all feel free to Do as we will, harming none. So, here goes:

A Simple Prosperity Spell

Salt - a pinch will do
Water - small amount
Patchouli Essential Oil
the money in your wallet

Do your sacred space thing - cast a circle or whatever you normally do.  If you are able to work where you can light a candle, a green one would do nicely.  Add a pinch of salt to your water.

Take out the bills in your wallet.  Lay them in front of you, face up & looking your direction.  Focusing your intent on cleansing the bills of any harmful energy, sprinkle them lightly with the salted water.  Or, you can wave them through a cleansing incense.  Basically, these bills have been through multiple hands - you want them cleansed of all that energy.

Now that you have fresh, cleansed money, it's time to bless it for your prosperity.

Dip your finger into the patchouli oil & draw an invoking pentagram onto each bill with your anointed finger.  As you draw the pentagram, visualize financial prosperity coming to you.  You may say a little charm like this one:

I am blessed with the means
To live my life
To the fullest
And highest
For myself, for my family, for my world.
Bringing harm to none,
Prosperity is mine.
By my will and intent,
This spell is done.

Now, the hard part - pick the largest denomination bill in your collection & put it on your altar for the next 30 days.  Each time you spend a blessed piece of money, visualize it multiplying for both you & the person receiving it.

To give your spell some additional power, consider cleansing & blessing all the paper money in your wallet on a daily basis.  I know a witch/businesswoman who blesses each bill that enters her store this way.  Of course, you won't be performing the entire spell for every bill.  I'm planning on sprinkling the inside of my wallet with salted water along with the above ritual & carrying a cotton pad doused in patchouli inside, next to the bills. 

Of course, it would be best to do this spell during a waxing moon, but I'm doing it tonight, which works too, because both patchouli & Saturday are ruled by Saturn...a witch has to be flexible, huh?

**Oh, & don't forget: Patchouli is wonderful as a love potion!  Dab some on your pulse points & go snuggle up to your favorite person**

Wild & Bright Blessings!


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  1. Thank you for the spell! I am in great need of this one.

    Blessed Be