Monday, January 3, 2011


Yesterday was celebrated as the birthday of Inanna, one of the great Sumerian goddesses.  Amazingly enough, she came to me today.

On the beach, doing a releasement & re-integration, I called to the Goddess.  Many came to my mind, but eventually, Demeter led to Inanna.
Having only heard of Inanna/Ishtar once, I was hesitant to call upon her.  But She called upon me.  So, in my ritual, Inanna became the powerful one.  Rather than retype what I found when I came home to research her, I'll just give you the links at the end of this rant.

My intention for the ritual was to release anger, guilt, shame & regret for past actions done by me & to me, making way to re-integrate pieces of my soul/spirit that had wandered into other realms for shelter from pain.  Then, I needed to bring these parts of me back to the present & incorporate them into my current self.

In retrospect, as I type this, I probably should have had a cohesive plan for this ritual.  But, as usual, I was winging it.

Here's how it went:
  1. Ground & Center
  2. Relax & Focus
  3. Write feelings, behaviors,etc. on light-weight paper (I used organic rolling paper)
  4. Place papers into my hands at the seashore
  5. Visualize all the actions, behaviors, feel all the feelings until that harmful energy is built up to a crushing force
  6. Send all that energy into my hands where the papers are
  7. Release the papers with this chant
Into the Wind!
Into the Sea!
Be gone forever!
Away from me! 
Then, I went & began to meditate on how to invite parts of my split-apart spirit/soul back from their places of refuge.   

As I meditated, goddesses with whom I am familiar came to mind.  Persephone was especially present, because she represents my habitual return to dark habits of self-destruction.  All at once, I recognized the need for her mother, Demeter, who had worked tirelessly to rescue Persephone from Hades.

Briefly, I called to Demeter...She deferred to Inanna, Queen of Heaven & Earth.  Immediately, I knew that the parts of me from this life & past, were within Inanna's reach.  Upon calling to her, I asked her to guide these parts back to my present self.

Soon, I was in tears.  Tears of reconciliation, tears of forgiveness for self & others.  I continued calling, openly to Inanna...I continued to be filled with love & a sense of wholeness.

It is difficult to explain how powerful this connection to an ancient goddess became.  How she & I communicated.  How I felt her warm embrace when the temperature on the beach was 60 degrees and the wind was whipping wildly.

Inanna came.  She comforted.  She blessed.

Now, I search for an offering.  She needs it not.  She is ancient & without need.  I need to offer in thanks.

Some will wonder, as do I, at times, how praying to a host of gods & goddesses is different than praying to the Christian God.  Aren't we giving over our power to an imagined force that cannot be proven?  I question myself when I pray to Ra or Isis, Brigid or Inanna.  I question, "am I deluding myself?"  And then, I experience days like today.

The power was not of this world.  The love & protection I felt from an ancient Sumerian goddess was the fierce love of a mother/sister - a love I have not experienced in any human form.

Maybe this love is me.  Maybe goddess is an archetypal form inherited generation to generation; a part of the human brain that needs to believe.

Or maybe...just maybe...Inanna came to me today, held me close & brought with her pieces of me she had been holding for safekeeping all along.

Wild & Bright Blessings,



Journey to the Dark Center

I am the daughter of the Ancient Mother,
I am the child
of the Mother of the World.
I am your daughter
O Ancient Mother,
I am your child
O Mother of the World.
O Inanna! O Inanna!
O Inanna!
It is you who teaches us
to die, be reborn and rise again.
Die, be reborn, and rise!
Queen of Heaven and Earth

by Mary Scarlett Moon and Callista Deep River

Entrance to the shrine of Inannna
Library of Halexandria
Pagan Pages

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  1. That brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing!