Saturday, January 1, 2011

Introducing Luna

To usher in a new season, we have adopted a wonderful little kitten, Luna.

The only time I can capture a pic of her is when she's sleeping, because she is a crazy little girl. She runs & plays & kills string balls & purrs like a buzz saw.  But, when she's cuddly, she is very, very cuddly!

So far, she has learned her name, uses the litter & has made friends with Stormy, our 11-year-old pound puppy who recently lost his best friend, Snow to old age.

Luna is so named, because she's my Solstice present from my darling husband.  I've wanted my own kitty for ages, & haven't been able to have one since I was a child because my 1st husband hated cats (should've been a clue to me) & my darling came as a matched set with his long-time companion kitty who was totally intolerant of any other feline creatures & only tolerated my presence as the interloper in her dad's life.

So, by the light of the almost full moon, my darling man took me over to a house with a Free Kittens sign.  Luna's home was a mess!  About 20 cats & kittens occupied a totally disgusting house filled with bugs & people unable to care for themselves, let alone pets.  Luna & I hit it off almost immediately. 

The night of the Solstice eclipse she & I did some energy work by the light of the orange moon.  She loves having her aura caressed almost as much as she loves chasing her tail!

So, 2011 starts a new chapter.  We are bonding with our new baby.  May her life be blessed!

Wild & Bright Blessings,



  1. That's a nice gift! I'm glad you could save her, I do hope the other ones find some wonderful fur parents too! I've wanted to adopt some kittens, but I have 2 very old set-in-their-ways pugs!