Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Intentions

The end of 2010 is approaching, so I thought I'd review this year's intentions & get ready for the New Year.  I know this may sound like a New Year's Resolution post to most people, but you, my witchy friends...well, you isn't about resolving to do something -
It's ALL about the intent!

When I create an Intention, it has to be something I truly want, with my whole being or it's not going to work out.  I'm still working on this part.

In January 2010, I created a list of "I Want".  These were mostly surrounding my relationships.  They all happened!!! A significant amount of love magic, effort & open communication went into this project. But these results proved to me the power of intent + action (read Magick!)

As part of my 2010 planning, I also created a list of "Habits for 2010"
  • Be active daily
  • Read daily
  • Communicate love daily
  • Meditate regularly
  • Create
By February, I was well on my way to setting patterns for each (except the activity!) of these to become a part of my life.  I'm sure that the lack of activity was a direct result of not being clear with myself about really wanting this in my life.  It was a "should do," instead of a true desire.  My intent was muddy.

Last week, I saw a picture of myself at the 2009 Halloween party. 

Cat Woman!
Instantly, I became aware of the 15 pounds I've gained this year & the loss of some hard-earned muscle.  This experience brought a real desire to "look & feel as great as I did in 2008-2009".  At that time, I was biking, running & swimming regularly. Today I'm really good at sitting.  The desire to return to a previous weight & body shape is fuel for a future Intent.  It isn't quite formed yet, but I'm working on it.

Allowing for imperfection is something I'm working on.  It's easy for me to focus on the 20% of my 2010 Habits that I didn't accomplish, but I definitely recognize the 80% success rate, which is much higher than any of my previous New Years Resolutions. A lot of growth happened in 2010.  For that growth, I am proud.  It gives me hope for 2011 & years to come. 

Setting Intentions for each year is a ritual this little witch will continue as long as she has breath.

Wild & Bright Blessings!



  1. Hi Rhi! :)
    Oh, you look fabulous as the Cat Woman! :)
    But you know, I can relate to what you're saying...I've let myself go too, and it's a very bad habit. I'll be thinking about my intentions for 2011 over the next few days, I like your list of habits...that's a great idea! I used to just say a general "I'm going to get in shape" type of "resolution", but of course, without proper planning or thought, the intent isn't there! Thanks for giving me some good ideas!!!
    Take care,

  2. Awwww...shucks you guys. Thanks! That pic is my motivation to get up off the couch. If I could look like that in October 2009, I can again in 2011!