Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time To Make Some Blessed Water

Good thing I read Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom this morning.  Mrs. B. reminded me, with her post on Marie Laveau's 5 & 7 Holy Waters, that I'm out of Blessed Water. Uh oh...better get started, this witch's Holy Water is one of her stock tools!

So, it's off to DeLeon Springs to collect some spring water. 
The water from this spring flows from the earth at about 20 million gallons per day and is a consistent 72 degrees year round.  It is beautifully clear & perfect for making blessed water.

Once the water is collected, it is time to do some ritual cleansing & charging. 

  • 1 Cup Spring Water or Storm Water
  • 2 pinches Sea Salt
  • 2 drops Rose Essential Oil
  • Final Container (& a funnel if needed)
  • Candles - black for the goddess, white for the god, blue for the water
  • Incense - myrrh & sandalwood
  • A few drops of previously charged Holy Water (unless this is the 1st time making)
Place all items on the altar.  Cleanse space & cast a circle, inviting the Elements, God & Goddess, lighting the white & black candles. The God & Goddess chosen are water spirits, directly related to what I'm currently working on. I'll leave the deity choosing to you, because it's important that you're comfortable working with any selected deity. 
Once the atmosphere is set, it's time to work.  
  • Light the incense & pass each material & tool through the smoke, saying "The power of air cleanses this __________ of all harmful energies".  Pass the water through last, saying "The power of air cleanses this water of all harmful energies, & brings insight & wisdom to all workings in which it is used."
  • Pour the blessed water into it's final container, adding a few drops of the previously charged water (or just put the new water into the previous water's container), saying "I join these waters, their power amplifies as they merge.  The power of this water is purification, purification of the three minds & all workings in which it is used."
  • Add the salt to the collected water, saying "The power of earth cleanses this water of all harmful energies & brings fertility & stability to all works in which it is used"
  • Light the blue candle & pass the salt water over the flame, saying "The power of fire cleanses this water of all harmful energies & brings passion to all works in which it is used"
  • Add the rose essential oil to the water, saying "The enchantment of rose brings love for all into workings with this water"
  • Sit or stand quietly in your circle, concentrating & gathering power in whatever way works best.  Once you feel ready, bring the container of Holy Water into your hands, directing energy into the water, saying "Spirit (or name your god & goddess) bring your blessing to join with mine.  We empower this Holy Water for the highest good, harming none.  We empower this Holy Water for the highest good, harming none.  We empower this Holy Water for the highest good, harming none."  Strongly visualize the water glowing with a rainbow of colors - I usually start with red & move through the colors of the chakra until the water is swirling with brilliant white light at the end.  You can stir the waters deosil during this time if your powers of visualization are strong enough to keep your eyes open.  I will be stirring mine with a vulture feather tip, as vultures are one of nature's purifiers, creating nourishment from decay.
  • "So Mote It Be."
Close your circle as usual, bidding "Hail & Farewell" to the Elements & deities that have joined you.  Store your Holy Water on your altar if possible.

Feel free to use any clear, natural, fresh water as your base.  Storm water is especially energetic & I often use it when I can.  Rain water (without the storm aspect) has a beautiful, peaceful energy.  Sea water seems to bring moon energies with it & needs no addition of salt.  Lake waters can bring a slow-release aspect to your workings.  I've not worked with river water yet, if you have, I'd love to know what aspects it may bring.

Wild & Bright Blessings!