Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dinner with the Green Witch

One of the wonderful things about living in Central Florida is the community here.  We are blessed with a large group of witches & other pagans who meet regularly.

Last night, through the Orlando Witches Meetup group, I was blessed to spend the evening with one of my favorite authors, Ann Moura.  Ann is best known for her Green Witchcraft series.  She is a witch of heredity, a witch of power! 

I've known her for almost a year now, but just as a customer of her shop, Luna Sol Esoterica.  I clearly remember the first ritual I attended at Luna Sol with Ann, as she directed her athame around the circle, I felt power surging through my chest.  I knew from that moment that she had IT.

Last evening, we listened to Ann as she told stories about growing up in a witch's household.  When she spoke of her mother, her eyes glistened.  She told family stories that made us laugh & gasp.  At one point, she spoke of an experience of de ja vu where she knew her brother would have a cherry pit in his piece of pie & how she knew her cute remark about it would cause a family rift; she avoided the fight by holding her tongue.  Later, in front of all of us, as she began to eat her dessert, she announced "my brother will leave a pit for me".  A few minutes later, as she was nibbling, she FOUND A PIT in her piece of cherry pie!  She carefully wrapped the cherry pit in a napkin to take home, honoring the message of love sent from her brother.

Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this evening.  I am honored to have the ability to learn directly from one of our elders.

I have known Ann as the proprietor of one of my favorite shops & through her writings, but now, I feel I know her as a person.  She is simply LOVELY & FULL OF KNOWLEDGE!!

So, here is a little advice:

Check out Ann's books, especially her New History of Witchcraft,  Which is the very next book on my wish list.   As a credentialed historian, Ann has a very interesting perspective on world history...one that every witch should hear.

And, if you happen to be in the Central Florida area, swing by Luna Sol Esoterica to meet one of the most wonderful witches I know.

Finally, if you can, attend a witch gathering in your area.  Meet people!  Share! You never know what you may discover.

A special thanks to the organizers of Orlando Witches Meetup, Star & Quiet Pagan for hosting such a fabulous evening. 

Through this group & local classes & festivals, I've met some of the people dearest to my heart.

Wild & Bright Blessings,



  1. I just found your blog today by chance and I am so happy that I did! I live in Orlando as well!!

    I will have to request to join the Orlando Witches Meetup :) AND follow your blog!!

  2. Oh, please come find us! You will enjoy the group. I don't get to every meetup because I live about an hour away, but it is a wonderful group.