Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is Witch a Dirty Word?

Recently, I've noticed something odd in the Alternative Spirituality community.  Witch appears to be a dirty word!

I've run into Spiritualists, Lightworkers, Pagans, New-Agers, Indigenous healers...who have all cringed at the term Witch & adamantly state that they are NOT Witches (with curled nose & furrowed brow looking at me as if I just grew a green wart, which kinda makes me giggle).

As we discuss our belief systems & practices, however, many are so similar that we could easily participate in ritual together & never notice that Lightworker was holding hands with Indigenous healer, with Spiritualist, with Witch; and, with a few of these people, I have.


What is it about humans that causes us to create separations? 

What is it about titles that brings a sense of superiority & exclusion? 

Is the word Witch so emotionally charged that we cannot reclaim it as the nature revering, life-affirming, open practice that it really is? 

Are so many tainted by quasi-historical accounts of witches & fairy tales that the word itself brings a cringe? 

Seriously...must we sugar-coat beliefs, even in the Alternative Spirituality world? Yesterday, I spent some time with a lovely Spiritualist.  She works with God & Angels, casting her sacred space by calling Archangels to the 4 Cardinal Corners.  I work with a variety of deities, Universal Energy & set my circle as sacred by calling Elementals & Spirit.  She uses symbols in her work, as do I.  She honors her intuition, as do I.  She believes in unseen powers, so do I. 

Our names for these are different.

Our practices were almost identical, however, in her community I am unwelcome if identified as a Witch. 

One of the local metaphysical stores is filled with spell bags & kits, charged candles & pentacles, but when the mere mention of witchcraft brings quick rebuke..."We are NOT Witches!  We are more celestial in nature, working with extraterrestrial beings."

Huh?  What?

Is there some dividing line for Spirit that I didn't know about?  Is it somehow more "in" to work with angels & E.T.'s than dirt & plants & ancient beings? 

Don't get me wrong here, I'm all for working with whatever form of Energy/Life Force/Universe...that a person connects with.  Above, Below, Middle, Outer Space, Ancestors, Channeled Masters...whatever.  Much respect for anyone open-minded enough to search for light & love in a world filled with angst & hate.

So, here's the deal...I'm a Witch.  Even if that makes people cringe (ok, not if it makes my parents cringe...for them, I'm a crazy hippie).

Oh...& for the next person who scowls at me for being a Witch...I might just go Hoodoo on their a$$.

Wild & Bright Blessings!



  1. Hi Rhi, I think it’s about owning your Power. People often look at the word power via a negative lens too. Those of us who are courageous, comfortable and confident in our abilities to connect with All That Is in order to discover, explore and express ourselves as part and parcel of Creative Power, call ourselves Witch. Those still playing small don’t.

  2. Well written, I like it. :-)

  3. LOL... I am also a Witch...and a proud one. :)