Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Month of Healing

This first few days of May have been like zooming on a roller-coaster!

I began with so little energy I could barely function & had no idea why.  This post on Essencetial Life brought a profound statement:

"Many empaths have been feeling bone weary as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their own. You need to remember that you have a massive pair of wings on your back, shake them out and give them a flutter so that you can become light again."

...and reminded me of my continual need to Ground & Center.

So, yesterday I visited a local park & laid my body upon a bed of Creeping Charlie (Ground Ivy).  I found the spot using my intuition & then looked up the correspondences - meditation, healing, love struck me as the right ones.  The air around me filled with the brightness of mint, both energizing & peaceful.  I bathed in the aroma, coming to rest upon the earth.

Soon, it was time to head to Mayan Medicine class at the Florida School of Holistic Living.  What occurred at class is almost beyond words. 
Uxmal Pyramid - Photo by Linda Schele & from the FAMSI website
Our leader, Emily, studies with Hunbatz Men, an elder in the Itza branch of the Maya.  Our topic for the evening was tools & methods of healing.  Prayer was at the top of the list.

Having come from a decidedly right-wing Christian background, some words make my skin crawl: Church, Prayer, etc.  So I wasn't very open to this part of the teaching.

But, listening to Emily go through the process of 
  1. Invoking Spirit (generally or a spirit with whom you are connected)
  2. Asking for Spirit to heal
  3. Expressing Faith that Spirit is healing
  4. Thanking Spirit for the healing
my heart opened.  I am always amazed at commonality between traditions.  When it became time for us to practice on each other, I chose prayer.  The power that my partner & I felt was beautiful.  A pulsating flow of energy moved between us as I repeated my prayer 9 times at different, specified points of her body.  We were both moved.

Quietly, 2 men had joined our group last evening.  Of obvious Central/South American descent, they sat & observed as we practiced healing methods.

Finally, one of the brothers spoke, saying we were working with the tools & methods of his grandmother & grandfather, brothers, sisters, cousins & friends & himself.  These were basic, obvious methods of healing in their homeland of Mayan Guatemala.  They asked if they could share with us...what followed was an hour-long cultural & energetic immersion into the world of the Maya!

We were all blessed with first-person insight & felt our hearts opening & being filled. 

The room was electric with excitement & love.

All left glowing & a little dazed. 

Each person present was honored with a hand-made Mayan healing candle & a small piece of Copal resin for healing & cleansing our homes.  Words cannot begin to express the glow that remains with me.  

I feel shifted.  Stronger somehow.  

This morning, I greeted the Sun in my Medicine Garden, by chanting Mayan-based prayers for healing of my mind, body & spirit. 

Part of our training is, I share with you a greeting:

In Lak'ech Ala K'in - I am you, you are me...I am another you...

Very similar to Namaste, In La'ech Ala K'in honors the divine in us all & invites us to a way of living that honors all life.

Wild & Bright Blessings & In Lak'ech,


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