Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Drink the "Cool Aide"

As witches, we tend to be more open-minded that the average person.  We experiment with alternate realities through a variety of methods & have a tendency to believe our senses & intuition more than the "facts" we were trained in.

Sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes not.

With the availability of the internet & all it's variety, we have the ability to seek out & investigate a myriad of paths, leaders, thoughts & ideas.

Sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes not.

My dad used to have a saying, "How far can you open your mind before your brains fall out?"  I used to take offense to such a statement (coming from one who has a VERY closed mind), but now, I see the wisdom.

Today I viewed a video that basically said if we love enough & vibrate at our highest frequency we will eliminate all pain & illness from our lives.  7 minutes of pure "Light & Love" decorated, by the way, by a barrage of images of scantily clad, impossibly built, seductive women.  The whole message of the video was BLAME - "You attracted this illness".

Ok, seriously?  I mean, come on!  I'm all about light & love, & adore the idea of vibrational healing.  I  practice this & other non-traditional healing methods daily.  But at some point, I have to call "bullshit" on the constant barrage of New Age crap that is being literally shoved down the throats of the masses.  Somethings are not all light & love! 

This is simply more of The Secret (which was NEVER a secret!).  The "Law of Attraction" is NOT 100%. 

Here's a terrifically wonderful explanation Why "The Secret" is a Scam.

And a lovely blog post about The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Level of Skepticism.

If we are to follow the the logic of the video makers (& all their fellows), all the children who are beaten by their parents, are starving in Africa, have been bombed in wars, victims of genocide, anyone who has cancer (regardless of the cause), all those with lost pregnancies, broken bones, diseases...etc have attracted this pain into their lives.  It is their fault!

What horrific CRAP!

Sometimes, we open our minds so far that we lose track of rationality.  We lose track of physical reality.  We lose our ability to rationally discern truth from fairytale. 

Within every fairytale there are elements of truth, archetypical lessons of great importance.  These stories have great value in society, but are never to be taken at face value.  Fairytales & ideals are to help us move forward, to open to Universal wisdom, to grow. 

Within the video I viewed today, there are elements of truth.  Yes, we can & do participate in our own pain & illness.  Yes, we can heal our bodies through our spirits & minds - to a point.  But, we are not omnipotent & we are NOT responsible for everything that makes it's way into our lives.  We are active participants in a web of interconnectedness - affecting & being affected by others.

As we witches veer off the highway of common belief into the woods of the unknown, it becomes very important to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism.

Do not believe everything you think.
Do not believe everything you are told.
Do not believe everything you read.
Do not believe everything on the internet.

Use wisdom & discernment.

Do not drink the Koolaid!

Wild & Bright Blessings,


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  1. You are completely right. I have heard such rhetoric before and remember thinking how horrific that idea is. That a child might have drawn abuse and therefore it is their fault. No. Just no. You explained it well and I agree completely.