Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Witch's Birthday

Happy Birthday to ME!

It is amazing to me how my whole day has been filled with love & well wishes.  I woke up in a sour mood.  All birthday presents were opened by last week (and most were so NOT to my taste). 

But, I remembered my BFF's birthday, when she decided to forgo all expectations & just see what the day brought.  Her day was filled with smiles.  So, I followed her advice.

My day was filled with LOVE & smiles!  The girls at work had this cake created for me "because we thought about you & decided you were Love and a really cool hippie chick".  Little did they know that sunflowers are one of my favorites!!

 Yes, my worldly name is Kim. 

Next, I came home to a visit from a lovely witch, Kerri.  It is impossible to be in a bad mood around this ray of sunshine. 

Then, my darling son called me just to wish me a great day & chat.

Finally, I opened a package from my soul sister & discovered 3 beautiful scarves from Pakistan/Afghanistan - my favorites!!

I am blessed.

May you be blessed,

~*Rhi*~ (aka Kim)


  1. Many blessings on your birthday. It sounds like it was a good one. That cake is gorgeous.

  2. Birthday blessings :) Sounds like it was a wonderful day x x x