Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunflower Essence

The sunflowers are in full bloom! Since last Fall, I've been wanting to create a Sunflower Essence.  So, on this bright, Spring morning, I decided it was time.

Following the basics in the Frugal Witch Series Flower Essences, I set my lovely sunflowers into water in a small crystal bowl & it is brewing in the center of the Medicine Wheel Garden (which, by the way is STILL being attacked by critters...poor garden!).

I surrounded the Sunflower Essence brew  my Chakra stone set along with a few other stones I routinely work with.

Sunflower Essence Brewing in the Medicine Garden
Sunflower Essence came to me as a need before I knew it's meaning.  It is for building a strong & balanced sense of self without over-inflation of ego or self-degradation.  Sunflower is all about the true self, the higher self, unaffected by the thoughts & opinions of others.  Sunflower is strong & vibrant, but welcoming & never intimidating (something I've had difficulty with over the years). Sunflower is the perfect balance between self-love & humility.

Here are some links to help explain Sunflower Essence if it is speaking to you:

Balancing on a Sunbeam
Sunflower Flower Essence Explained

Why not try to make some Sunflower Essence & let your healthy Self shine forth from your soul.

Wild & Bright Blessings!



  1. Oh how lovely!
    Could us use any flower? what do you use the essence for?

  2. I use sunflower for the bulging of Self w/o a big ego. You can use any flowers, the instructions are in the Frugal Witch pages. There are a number of resources for helping to decide which flower essence is for you (or which to blend). When you get more intoned with the plant spirits, you just know (hard to explain, but it works) when you see the plant. I put the essence in my daily tea or water bottle & sip all day.