Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meditation for Security & Safety

Start your meditation standing -
Close your eyes & imagine yourself as a tree. You are deeply rooted into the earth - your feet are solid on the ground.
Feel all the negativity, pain, fear, uncertainty draining from you into the earth through your roots.
Imagine your hands & arms are the branches & leaves of the tree.
They are absorbing all the light from above. Energy flows through you from above, into the earth & back from the earth into the world.

You are the respiration of the earth, cleansing
it and being cleansed by it.

Quietly sit in a comfortable, meditative position -

Imagine yourself drawing energy from the moon, the sun, the stars.
Their pure light is directed to you & through you.
It circulates, coming in through your crown, down the center of your body, through the base & dispersing into the earth.
The energy emerges from the earth all around you in the form of a white sphere.
This is a never-ending process, light drawn into you, surging through you to the earth and surrounding you in powerful beauty.

Add to this the energy of the ancestors, those who have gone before you.
Your beloved relations, the honored ones of many cultures.
They are longing to connect with you, to bring you their wisdom & power.
Say their names silently to yourself, imagining the white sphere of light around you spinning more & more brightly as their energies combine with celestial energies.

Welcome divinity to your sphere. See the gods & goddesses join the light.
Call their names silently. Bask in their glory, it is yours.

The power you have called is immense.
Feel the comforting, peace & love that is offered you.
The air within the sphere is warm, soft, luminous.
The vibrations are of the highest order.
You are at one with the Universe & never wish to leave.
Although you know the physical world remains & desires your presence, the peace in your sphere is where you belong.

Enjoy your sphere for as long as you like.

Slowly, with your eyes staying closed, reach your arms above your head.
The sphere moves with you.
It is always with you.
You may call upon the powers who love you at any moment in your day.
Know this.

You are safe.
You are secure.
You are complete.

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