Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Sacred Belly

We women are forever talking about loosing weight.  Many of us focus on our belly as the source of our dismay.  We throw around words like:
  • Fat
  • Ugly
  • Flabby
  • Hate
  • Chunky
  • Chubby
We wish away our bellies & dream of flat abdomens, without lumps &  bumps. We speak to and about our bellies as if they are the enemy.  We trap them in Spanx & other tight & "flattening" garments, restricting our ability to breathe & be comfortable.

All in the name of imagined perfection.  How sad. 

Actually, our bellies are sacred - a source of deep, feminine power. 

For step one of honoring your sacred belly, you can read this lovely story about the goddess Baubo from Honoring Your Belly:

Our bellies hold our feminine power to create life!  This awesome power has been the impetus of goddess worship throughout history.  But, as patriarchy creates fear of a woman's power, the woman's belly must be controlled - in a desperate attempt to control the power of the woman herself.

Have you allowed your belly to be controlled?  Have you abdicated your sacred belly power to society?

Time to rip off that spandex & spanx!  Throw on some comfy & loose-fitting clothes & honor your belly!  Awaken the deep & creative power that lives within you.

Now, you are able to practice belly breathing.  Here's a tutorial if you're unfamiliar:

Now that you are comfortable & breathing into your belly, it's time to find the Center.  Your Center.  The place of power that lives within your belly.  The place that deserves your love & healing:

  1. Lay down as you did during the Belly Breathing exercise
  2. Place your hands on your belly, thumbs at the umbilicus (belly button) & fingers touching, forming an upside triangle.
  3. The area inside the triangle is your Center
  4. If you have difficulty finding this spot, it should be directly midline about 2-3 finger's widths below your umbilicus
  5. If you still have difficulty, try finding the top of your hip bones & tracing an imaginary line across your belly.  The spot where this line is directly under your belly button is your Center.
Now that you've located your center, let's try a healing exercise.
  1. Position yourself comfortably.
  2. Find your Center
  3. Place your right hand on your Center
  4. Leave your left hand open to the sky & at your side
  5. Begin belly breathing
  6. Feel the weight of your hand on your Center
  7. Notice any unusual sensations or thoughts that arise
  8. Continue breathing & imagine a ray of orange, healing light pouring into your left hand, 
  9. The light travels up your arm, across your shoulders, down your right arm & into your right hand
  10. The beautiful, warm, orange light is pushed through your right hand into your Center
  11. Feel the healing.  Release the stress held here.  
  12. Continue breathing & transferring the orange light thinking words of love & gratitude for your belly
  13. When you are ready, bring your left hand on top of your right & feel the weight settle into you
  14. You always have this healing power at your disposal.  
  15. Ground as you usually would after a meditation
You may do this exercise as often as necessary.

Now, go out and find or make yourself a Belly Goddess.  Here's an example from The Witch of Forest Grove
I will be creating my own Belly Goddess with this recipe for clay:

2 cups saw dust (using cedar)
1 cup flour
1 1/2 Water (about)

Mix together dry & slowly add water.  If too crumbly add a bit more flour & water until smooth.  Knead on wax paper for about 5 minutes.

Allow to air dry for 48 hours (actually a bit longer for me because I live in damp Florida).
Paint with acrylics

This creates a very hard goddess that accepts paint nicely (according to my sources).

Oh, & if the idea of Sacred Belly feels right to you (or if it feels very uncomfortable), see if you can find The Woman's Belly Book. It is full of exercises & wisdom for releasing & activating your power.

Wild & Bright Blessings,

who is getting ready to create Power Panties


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