Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sacral Chakra - Days 4-6

My journey has begun.  The Root Chakra days were amazing! I spent time walking in nature, meditating with my stones & scents, eating protein-rich, red meals & generally grounding.  I feel amazing!

Now, onto the Sacral Chakra, or Svadhisthana.  This chakra is located at the base of our sexual organs & is often confused with being a chakra of sexual nature.  It is, however, concerned with connecting with others, pleasure & desire.  This can, of course, include sexual energies & is a chakra of self-indulgence (not in a bad way unless over active).

The Svadhisthana is at center mass, therefore can cause havoc if slightly out of balance. I've had some difficulty in this area (especially with low back pain!), so I intend to focus heavily on these days & may even extend the activities to 6 days (because I work 12-hour shifts for 2 of the days).

Activities for Sacral Chakra Days:
  1. Bathing & swimming -the sacral chakra is highly associated with water. 
  2. Yoga poses - see here: Yoga The 2nd Chakra 
  3. Belly Dancing!! (dancing is great for the root chakra & belly dancing honors the sacred belly).
  4. Nutrition - focus on getting enough high-quality liquids throughout the day.  This is the time when I am finally going to kill the Diet Coke habit!
  5. Create a Chakra Altar with Sacral focus for these 3 days - orange altar cloth, bowl of holy water, carnelian & moonstone, damiana incense (ok, maybe I'll injest some of this is all about self-indulgence & pleasure after all), a very special object related to my sexual well-being, my wedding ring whatever else I find that speaks to me of pleasure, desire & deep connection with others over the 3 day time period.
  6. Crystal Bowl Meditations (All chakras, not just sacral.  Once the root is established, it is important to meditate on all chakras so not to create imbalance)
  7. Affirmations: Continue with the Root affirmations & add "I trust the process of my life.  I love myself exactly as I am right now"
  8. Mandela creation with focus on orange & water.
  9. Final ceremony at end of Day 6 recording affirmations (or what ever feels right) onto ribbons for the Water Pole in my Medicine Garden
Wild & Bright Blessings!

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