Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How We Unconsciously Manifest

Manifestation always astounds me, especially when it happens without conscious thought. Yesterday, I was transplanting babies on the deck, which was a little wet & slippery.  As I was bending down, I unconsciously visualized a fall I took on this slippery deck last year. 

The visual was crystal clear & I felt the fear.  Walking gingerly, I left the deck to work on my chores at the wheelbarrow.   Happily transplanting my lovely mugwort & lemon balm babies, I completely forgot about the fall.

As I lifted the transplant trays off of the wheelbarrow, I took a step back to the deck (not realizing that I was standing inside the handles of the wheelbarrow) & promptly tripped!  Baby herbs went flying through the air, as I went flying over the handles & crashing into the barbeque grill.
Quietly, I stayed on the ground for a few moments (pre-crones don't bounce, we splat) surveying my body for serious injury & contemplating the past few moments. 

  1. I thought about the fall (remembered it)
  2. I visualized it happening clearly
  3. I developed a visceral feeling in association to the fall (the physical impact & fear from the previous fall)
  4. I released the image to the Universe
  5. I fell

Seriously, magick works people...just not in the way we always want it to.  What I needed & forgot in this situation was to cancel my visualization & thought "Delete! Cancel! Erase!" after I sent it out into the Universe. 

Lesson learned (I think).

Now, if only I can as clearly manifest the house cleaning.

Wild & Bright Blessings,



  1. Rhi, you are absolutely right! Have you noticed that this seems to be occurring with much more frequency than in the past? Either we’re becoming more refined manifestors or the Universal gestation period is becoming shorter ~ I think most likely it’s combination of both…

    Brightest Blessings*

  2. Interesting observation! I agree that it's probably both. It does always amaze me, though. I just adore the Universe!