Monday, September 6, 2010

A Day in the Hidden Witch's Botanica

Today was a day of making witchy concoctions.  Most of my witch work & play is done while I'm home alone, even though my dear husband is tolerant of my activities.  To start, I make sure I'm well energized.  A walk in my favorite local park, communing with the Spirits of Earth followed some fun aura play with my dear doggies.  After cleansing the workspace (ok, not the house...that's left to do), I set to work.

I've made a few tinctures:
  • Rose - to add to a magickal perfuming oil
  • Vallerian - mostly for when I can't sleep
  • Orris Root -to stabilize said magical perfuming oils
  • Catnip - as part of the recipe for natural insect repellant
  • Lemongrass - another part of the natural insect repellant
Then, I started a jar of Calendula oil to use as coloring in my soy candles.  I really need to get some more natural ingredients to use as colorings.  That's an upcoming project.

Finally, I mixed & blessed the herbs obtained yesterday for my new teas/smoke blends:
  • Divining Mix for smoking or as a tea
  • Hedgecrossing Mix for smoking or as a tea
  • Date Night Tea
  • Sleepy Tea
I'm still missing a couple of ingredients for Divining & Hedgecrossing, though.  So, I'll need to go hunting soon, because I'm excited to try them!  Oh, & FYI for those of you who might be worried, everything in the mixes is legal & safe in the correct dosages.

As I'm still studying, everything in my little botanica is for my use only right now.  Maybe someday there will be a Hidden Witch's Botanica.  Part of my process here is to determine what I really enjoy & incorporate that into my life's work.

Either way, today was nice!  Tomorrow I'll focus on belly dance costuming, or maybe make a patchwork ritual robe...who knows?

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