Saturday, September 25, 2010

Practical Magic Movie - Being Normal is Not Necessarily a Virtue

My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage! ~ Anne Frances Owens, from the movie Practical Magic.

Practical Magic's message is really that we can celebrate who we truly are.  Here are a few of the fun ideas from the movie about not being normal:

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast 

Here's a way to celebrate an abnormal day!  5-minute chocolate cake recipe that is "almost no fat" & even has some redeeming nutrition (but, don't for 1 moment think it's healthy!)

Midnight Margaritas

1.5 ounce of Petrone (or your favorite tequila)
3 ounces of Master of Mixes Margarita Mix (do NOT get the low sugar one...yuck!)

Shake together & pour into a margarita glass
Top with a swirl of Grand Marier

Magical Tea for Prophetic Dreams

Remember the scene where Sally was writing her letter & the teaspoon was stirring itself?  What tea (tisane) was she drinking? Maybe this one:

1tsp mugwort (for dreams)
1tsp catnip (for dreams)
1 tsp chamomile  (calming & soothing)
1tsp lemon verbena (relaxing & tastes great!)

Bring a cup of water to near boiling.  Pour water over tea leaves (or you may put the ingredients in a tea ball).  Stir deosil  (clockwise) for a minute & set your intention - for what do you wish an answer? Allow the brew to sit, covered, for 20-30 minutes (in the light of the moon if possible).  Sweeten if desired.  Drink slowly, focusing on your intention.  

Create your own Spell

One of the best things about the movie is that things always went better for Sally & Gillian when they worked magick from their intuition instead of using the Aunts' Book of Shadows. Here is a simple formula for spell design:

  1. Reduce the purpose of your spell to a word or short phrase
  2. Consider whether you may be causing harm by doing the spell (hint...DON'T!)
  3. Find components that are suited to your goal (candles, herbs, stones...)
  4. Determine how you will use the components
  5. Determine the best possible timing
  6. Create an chant or affirmation (if you desire) that describes your spell's components & purpose
  7. Cleanse & bless all items to be used
  8. Consider physical actions that might help support your goal & how you will incorporate them into the spell
  9. Raise energy & guide it toward your objective, then release it
  10. Trust in the outcome
  11. Record your spell & the results
(adapted from Marian Singer's Basic Spell Design)
Whatever you do, don't get hung up on a particular herb, stone, or time of the astrological/lunar/weekly timing.  These aspects are meant to support your intentions, you are not dependent on them.

Oh, & one more thing...

Always trust your First Initial Feeling!

Now, let's go check our the rest of the blogs on the Practical Magic Block Party!


  1. Oooooo of to make some of that chocolate cake..I will save the margarita for this evening LOL! Wonderful glad I flew by! Please come on by mine too!! Blessings, Sarah

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  5. I love this!!
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    Although I blame you for me now craving chocolate cake...and I don't even eat cake! LOL

  6. I must agree with Melz now I crave cake! But I love your post and think that at lease we all have courage!

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  7. *drool* 5 minute chocolate cake.... must try.

  8. Thanks so much for those recipes! I had a great time! Thank you for inviting me to your party!

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  10. I love making those cakes in a cup! Took a couple tries to get the amount right so they don't over flow, but that can be fun too heheee;)

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  12. Sally's tea drink might just stir the magic in my spoon.....You never know....hehehe! The Catnip and mugwort should at least help visualize it , if not I'll enjoy the Lemon Verbena from my garden. Thanks!

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  13. Wow, you have so much wonderful information on your site. Thank you for sharing it all. I hope that your husband feels better soon. I do two similar things for mine when he is sick also and it almost always works so wonderfully well. Thank you for your generosity. :)

    Faith, trust, and faerie dust!

  14. @Sparkster: A tisane (tea) made from Hibiscus calyx (not the flowers, but the part where the petals attach to the stem) is very cooling!

    We are still in the 90's here in Florida, but everyone has the sniffles.

    Wild & Bright Blessings!

  15. Im so excited to make that cake.... I had a 5 min chocolate mug cake that I kept making and it was awful....Too dry even when I tweaked it and added loads of whipped cream to it.... Ill try yours... Wonderful party post... I'm running behind.

  16. The chocolate cake in the mug looks so yummy.
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