Monday, September 27, 2010

A Spell to Kiss & Make Up

Often, I do not create my own spells.  When I do, they are usually more powerful for me than those I find in a book.  But, there a few that are really wonderful.

This is one of my favorites, almost word-for-word out of a great book by Ellen Dugan, How to Enchant a Man.

Sweet Spell for a Bad Day
Use this when you & your love are having a tiff.  It is especially helpful on those days when he/she is driving you bat-shit-mad with their little idiosyncrasies.
  • Small, pink, rose-scented candle
  • Candle holder
  • Few drops of honey
  • Matches (or lighter)
  • Your altar (Ellen suggests your Love Altar)
  • A photo of you & your significant other

Work on a Friday or a waning moon if you can, but anytime you need to sweeten & soothe feelings between you & your love.  

Rub a few drops of honey along the sides of the candle (dress the candle).  Place the candle in it's holder (wash your hands now, they're probably sticky!).  Set the photo in front of the candle.  Imagine the strife between you & your love, focus on the aggravation or anger you're feeling.  Now, ask yourself how important this situation that got you angry really is anyway?  "In the grans scheme of things, will the world stop revolving?"  Once you have worked it through & are beginning to calm down, imagine the problem & negativity fading away.  When you feel calm, light the candle & repeat the spell 3 times:

With this magick spell, while roses scent the air,
Let us settle our feud in a way that's fair.
You're a grumpy guy, and I'm a pissy Witch,
From sour to sweet, our attitudes will switch.
As the candle burns away, we will unify, 
Now let's make up & kiss our troubles goodbye.

Close with these lines:

By scent, flame & honey, this spell is done, 
For the good of all, bringing harm to none.

Allow the candle to burn down & go out (in a safe, monitored place).  Go find your love & give him a kiss.  Someone apologizes; someone accepts graciously.

I usually do this with a white candle in a pink holder.  I dress the candle with rose essential oil & honey & rosemary.  Using your own correspondences & intuition as you build your spells makes them more uniquely yours & therefore more powerful.

If you haven't read any of Ellen's books, I highly recommend them!  She has a wonderfully relaxed style paired with solid magickal teachings.

Wild & Bright Blessings,


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