Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Healing Salve

The Comfrey& Calendula oils are finally ready!

I've been patiently waiting, shaking, singing to & nurturing these oils in anticipation of making some Healing Salve. 

Today is that day!

After 4 weeks of solar infusion, the oils are heated for 1 hour over a low heat in a double-boiler (ok, I don't have one, so it's a bowl on a pot with a lid).

Then, the solid material is strained out & placed back into the clean bowl. This was REALLY messy!  Where is my apprentice?  Oh, I'm apprenticing...that means I do my own work.   

So, after cleaning the counter & rubbing the spilled oil into my skin, it was time to add 1 ounce of soy wax (not bees wax, vegan witch here), 20 drops of lavender essential oil & a bit of Vitamin E oil for stability.

Now the test - taking 1 spoonful of the brew & placing it into the refrigerator for 20 minutes to check the solidity.

I found it to be a bit soft.  1/8 more ounce of soy wax did the trick.

Finally, pouring the salve into clean jars just out of the hot dishwasher (again with the mess???!!!???).

The finished product:

I think, next time, I will use smaller tins instead of these 1/2 pint jars.  But that's what I had on hand today & I just HAD to try this. 

Comfrey & Calendula Salve has amazing healing properties!  I had a burn a week ago that got quite infected. Within 24 hours it was almost healed.

I love herbs!! 
From Hidden Witch

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