Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Remedy for the Sniffles

So, today my wonderful man has the sniffles...

Of course, his witchy wife has the remedy!

Sniffle Be-Gone Tisane (tea)

1 inch of fresh Ginger Root
4 Garlic cloves (equal amounts of ginger & garlic)
2 Tbsp dried Passion Flower leaves
1 tsp Crushed Red Chilies
2 quarts Water
Agave or Honey to taste

Bring water to a small boil & remove from heat.  Add everything except sweetener.  Cover & let steep for 20 minutes.  Sweeten to taste.  Drink by the cupful every 2 hours.  For extra punch, add 1ml of Echinacea Tincture to each cup (not during the steeping process, just before serving).

Everything in the tisane is to boost the body's ability to fight infection & to clear the nose.  I could have added onion too, but didn't want to push it (the drink is already pretty strong tasting & needs a sweetener!).

Of course, you will stir this mixture in a deosil fashion, while performing a healing spell of your own design.

Clear-My-Nose Simmer

Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Fresh Camphor Leaves (or EO if you don't have 20 camphor trees like I do)
Crockpot or stove-top pot on a very low simmer 

*******Not for internal use!!!********
Add 5-10 drops of each EO & the camphor leaves into about 4 quarts of water.  Simmer, uncovered, near the poor dear with the sniffles.


There are many more remedies, but this was what I could create from my cupboard today.  So far, so good!  He just asked me to make some more tea for tonight & tomorrow.

Wild & Bright Blessings,


(disclaimer: these remedies are based on my own studies & experience with herbs & not a substitute for medical care. If you need a doctor, go see a doctor!  Home remedies are time-tested, wise-woman ways of improving health & well being.)


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  2. Hi Rhi. I just wanted to say that I love your blog and I have added you to my fav blogs list and am now a follower of yours. ;)

  3. @Leanna: Woo Hoo! I love that we're connected. Your blog makes me smile!

    @Jennifer: Thanks! I downloaded the program & will get started on the project soon.

    Wild & Bright Blessings!